Modern Steel Design Defined
Spherical Steel Structures Architects create distinguishing designs that fuse innovation, technology and sustainable steel building methods with cultural and environmental sensitivity. We understand the importance of people and place and the necessity of expressing the unique characteristics of a community within the context of a functional, well planned home.
Awareness to our surroundings (both cultural and environmental) is vitally important. Since 1976 Spherical Design Engineers architectural firm has received national, regional and international design awards, several of which have commended the firm's commitment to sustainable design excellence.
The firm seeks to approach the planning and design of all projects with a focus on function and an architectural expression concerned with users and the community, a response to local climate and culture, the integration of spontaneous social gatherings, and simple form and spaces. "We understand the importance of people and place and the necessity of expressing the unique characteristics of a community within the context of a functional, well planned facility.
The desire of a home that will comfortably accommodate your unique needs, those of children and overnight guests. The specific goals: to create a flexible, organic compound that will adapt as a family's needs changed. To reinforce the concept of urban infill while obtaining privacy within a community context. To maximize volume, light and privacy on the narrow urban lots. To design a sustainable structure that responds with sensitivity to scale and context. To utilize raw materials suitable to dissolve the barriers between the interior and exterior.
To create a family home that will have privacy but will also be connected to the community. Creating environments that will be transformative. The mere size of some lots pose additional problems. To maximize space, erection of two stories plus a mezzanine level creates a multi-use space that merges the temperate outdoor with the interior.
The horizontal siding is manufactured by Trex, a sustainable material traditionally used in decking applications that is composed of recycled plastic bags and sawdust. Photovoltaic panels act as an energy source for the home. In the evenings, a shed roof that opens a celerestory to the western sky bathes the top floor in soft moonlight.
When the three doors are cast open, they transform the home into a breezy, well ventilated pavilion, negating the necessity of air conditioning. When temperatures turn cooler, the concrete slab absorbs the sun's warmth and slowly dispels it into the interiors. Additional heating is provided by Rusher Air radiant heating located in the concrete floor and beneath the walnut floors on the upper level.
The architectural design merges lofty areas with tightly confined spaces. The use of varied materials throughout the home creates contrasting rough and smooth surfaces and adds depth and texture. Iron oxide concrete floors evoke a raw coolness on the lower level, while walnut flooring on the upper level creates a sense of earthy warmth. Gypsum plaster with a wax coating and custom blended concrete masonry contributes to the overall aesthetic. The result is a dynamic, organic interior.
Spacially, the home is compressed at the low front entrance of the house and then explodes into the main volume. Stairs lead up to a pair of mezzanine level sleeping 'pods' with decks; a glass bridge spans the living room and leads to another flight of stairs up to the master bedroom and study.
In time, the residence will serve the purposes for which it was designed. It' proves to be a wonderful gathering place. Intimate or dinner parties for 20 people or more. It's a flexible space that welcomes all. A fitting residence, striving to create serene environment that replenish the soul.
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The kitchen is strongly connected to the main dining space and continues the uninterrupted spacial flow. Two walk-in pantries provide storage solutions for food and dishes, nullifying the need for upper cabinets. The Wolf range/oven is free-floating and flanked by custom steel counters on either side.
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